RD Weis Marks 25th Anniversary

Tarrytown, NY, Feb. 9, 2015 -- RD Weis threw a party this weekend to celebrate its 25th anniversary complete with balloons, historic photos, friends, suppliers and employees.

The event, which drew over 120 guests from all over the country, was held at the Westchester Marriott.

RD Weis, with six locations in the Northeast and Detroit, is a Starnet member. From its start, Weis has focused on flooring maintenance in addition to selling and installing commercial flooring.

The company’s sales team splits its time calling on end-users and A&D specifiers.

Randall Weis started the company in 1990 after spending the first half of his career in the corporate world with Bristol Myers Squibb and then Clairol. He has also served as chairman of Starnet.

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