Molyneaux Tile Helps Customers of Defunct PA Chain

Pittsburgh, PA, December 27, 2007--A former competitor of a Pittsburgh-area carpet chain that closed suddenly before Christmas has come to the rescue of the chain's stranded customers.

Molyneaux Tile and Carpet will help out customers who paid deposits for flooring from Prizant's, a 10-store chain, but never had the products installed. Prizan'ts, a Penn Hills-based company, was a household name in southwestern Pennsylvania thanks to its newspaper and TV ads.

It's not known how many customers paid the typical one-third deposit on flooring from Prizant's. But Patrick Molyneaux, one of the four owners of Molyneaux Tile and Carpet, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that if a customer can prove a deposit was paid but flooring was never delivered that Molyneaux will install the flooring for the balance due. He made the decision on Christmas day.

Mark Scioscia and Rob Lang of Sewickley Sweetwater Investors bought Prizant's Carpet in mid-2006 with no experience in the flooring business.

"I built up a real strong business," in the black annually with revenues between $25 million and $30 million, Prizant, the 78-year-old founder, told the newspaper. He said the investors owed him and others money.

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