Mohawk to Require CRI Seal on Cleaning Products

Dalton, GA, December 21, 2006--Beginning in 2007, Mohawk Industries will require that carpet care products used to clean its carpets have the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval. The CRI’s Seal of Approval program was created to establish test methods and performance criteria for cleaning products including professional floor cleaning systems. Since proper cleaning is a critical element in flooring performance, it can “make or break” the consumer’s perception of the quality of a floor. “We are interested in consumer perception of our product throughout its lifetime,” said David Duncan, ice president of marketing for Mohawk. “Our brand is successful if the homeowner is pleased not just when the carpet is installed, but maintains her satisfaction for years. This requires ongoing care that is done right. CRI’s standards help make this happen.” Mohawk residential carpet warranties will require a minimum of one professional cleaning every 18 months using cleaning products, equipment, or systems that carry the CRI Seal of Approval. Depending on level of traffic, family size, soil conditions adjacent to the home, and other circumstances, more frequent cleanings may be advisable. Mohawk Industries is a strong supporter of CRI’s Seal of Approval Program for a number of reasons, but one stands out: Mohawk believes this is an excellent opportunity to enhance the value of flooring to the consumer. “For flooring, consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty are built over years. We as an industry have to look at it that way,” Duncan said. Two years ago, Mohawk created and introduced its own professional carpet cleaning system that has been adopted by Mohawk dealers wanting to develop a cleaning profit center for their stores. The Mohawk Professional Floor Care carpet cleaning system is a patented, proprietary technology that suspends and removes soils in a unique way, leaving no soil attracting residues in the carpet. Mohawk cleaning products are 100% non-toxic, and safe for families and pets. The Mohawk Professional Floor Care System earned a Gold Level rating from CRI’s Seal of Approval program. “If we are going ask consumers to abide by the CRI standard, we have to do the same,” Duncan said. “We are pleased that our Professional Floor Care system was among the first to receive CRI certification, and this gives our dealers an opportunity to maintain the connection with customers through the carpet lifecycle and help ensure the consumer’s satisfaction.” Truly effective carpet cleaning has multiple benefits. It saves money by helping carpet look better longer. It creates healthier indoor environments by removing allergens and other contaminants. It promotes sustainability by prolonging the life of carpet and keeping carpet from going to landfills prematurely. To learn more about the CRI Seal of Approval, visit To learn more about Mohawk Professional Floor Care, see your Mohawk representative or call 1-866-879-6732, ext. 3087.

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