Mohawk Launching SmartStrand Color Wall

Calhoun, GA, November 30, 2022-Mohawk is investing in the SmartStrand brand with a new merchandising destination, the SmartStrand Color Wall. 

The company reports that SmartStrand has been installed in more than 11 million homes.

This marks the first reset of the SmartStrand color wall in five years and will be rolled out at the Edge Summit this month. 

The wall offers two products: the original SmartStrand with a 9 denier per filament (DPF) and SmartStrand Silk, which has a softer hand at 4 DPF. 

The wall includes 66 colors, including bolder accent colors, with retail prices that range from $17/yard to $30/yard.

The hexagon-shaped wall samples are doors to cubbies that hold take-home samples. And products are warrantied against pet stains. 

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