Mohawk Launches Promotion

Dalton, GA, May 11--The Wheel Of Fortune is spinning your way, with a new Mohawk Rewards Plus promotion. “Take A Spin,” which runs May 3 through June 11, lets retail salespeople earn Mohawk Rewards Plus points for select hard and soft surface products and allows them to build their point totals fast. Retail salespeople registered in the program earn 50 Mohawk Rewards Plus points per yard for qualifying Wear-Dated Mohawk styles in Aladdin by Mohawk, Horizon by Mohawk, Wunda Weve by Mohawk, Mohawk Floorscapes, Mohawk ColorCenter, and Mohawk Floorz. Salespeople also earn two to 25 points per square foot on specific styles of Mohawk Ceramic, Mohawk Hardwood, Mohawk Laminate, Congoleum DuraStone, and DuraCeramic. And they earn 20 to 50 points per square yard on Congoleum Pacesetter and Ultima. Points salespeople earn during “Take A Spin” are deposited into their Mohawk Rewards Plus account. These points can be redeemed immediately, or combined with points earned during other Mohawk Rewards Plus promotional periods for bigger point totals--and bigger awards. A complete list of qualifying styles and rewards are listed at,, or by calling 1-800-695-8321. With every qualifying order claimed, the participant earns a spin on Mohawk’s Wheel Of Fun. The spin can earn extra points, a new camera, two-way radios, a travel golf bag, and much more. And salespeople are encouraged to play and manage their accounts online at or Playing online is the simplest way to claim points and select prizes, and there’s a bonus: online participants may get a chance at Mohawk’s “Super Spin.” The “Super Spin” wheel features even greater values in points and merchandise. A “Super Spin” can earn up to 10,000 bonus points, a round trip Delta Airlines ticket, or a trip for four to Disney World. The Mohawk Rewards Plus system has no paperwork. Qualifying orders are posted in the system and salespeople claim them online or over the phone to get points. It’s the easiest process ever. Participants have a personal statement that can be accessed online or over the phone to get their totals any time. A new full color catalog showcases hundreds of awards--large and small--that participants can earn. There are also hundreds more premiums available on the Mohawk Rewards Plus website. And, more importantly, points can be redeemed by participants for beautiful Mohawk flooring and great Mohawk Home products for their own homes. Retail salespeople can register now for Mohawk Rewards Plus by going online at,, or by calling 1-800-695-8321. Each salesperson only has to register once to participate in all Mohawk Rewards Plus periods during the year. When the salesperson registers, he or she gets the free awards catalog, plus everything necessary to get started in the program.

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