MFA Formalizes Nomenclature for Rigid Core Vinyl Products

Calhoun, GA, December 12, 2017-After multiple meetings and considerable industry consultation, the MFA board of directors, with unanimous agreement, has aligned on two category names to describe rigid products in the multilayer vinyl flooring category. The categories are defined by the type of core in the product:

• WPC products represent the class of rigid vinyl flooring products with an expanded or foamed polymer core;

• SPC products refer to the class of rigid vinyl flooring products with a solid polymer core.

Rapid growth, technological advancements, and many new products in the market have contributed to significant retailer and consumer confusion regarding rigid core vinyl products. The Multilayer Flooring Association (MFA) was organized in 2016 to set performance and safety standards for this emerging category as well as clear up the confusion for the floorcovering industry.

WPC and SPC products may still have significant differences within each category: the type of surface, the formulation of the core, production methods, and type of backing, are just a few examples of potential characteristic differences. The MFA is continuing to work on further definition and the establishment of ASTM standards for performance. Our goal is to enable continued trust for consumers, retailers, and specifiers in this growing product category.