Mannington Expands Territories of Elias Wilf and N

Salem, NJ, December 13, 2005--Mannington Mills announced that it will be expanding the territories of two of its key distributors in the Northeast--Elias Wilf and NRF. These two distributor expansions will replace areas currently served by Hoboken, which will no longer represents Mannington products. According to Tom Davis, Mannington’s President and CEO, this new arrangement comes as a result of the changing business climate, and a difference in long-term growth strategies between the two companies. Elias Wilf, one of the top distributors in the industry, was the 2004 recipient of Mannington’s prestigious John B. Campbell Award. Likewise, NRF is often recognized for its total focus on servicing the retail and commercial sectors, and has won Mannington’s “President’s Award” three times. Representatives at both distributorships are consistently recognized with Mannington sales and service awards. “We’re pleased expand our relationship with both Wilf and NRF,” said Mark Hollinger, Vice President, Distributor Network, Mannington Mills. “As One Mannington distributors, their business strategies are closely aligned with Mannington’s, and we are confident they will make the most of this opportunity.” This arrangement will go into effect on February 10, 2006.

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