Lumber Liquidators Releases Statement Following CDC's Adjusted Report

Toano, VA, February 23, 2016—Lumber Liquidators released a statement in response to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) adjusted assessment of the danger of the store’s high formaldehyde laminate flooring to human health.

The adjustment was made due to a mathematical error in the CDC’s initial calculations.

"Despite the errors in CDC's calculation, we note that they do not expect to change their recommendations and we support those recommendations,” says Lumber Liquidators.  “We also agree with CDC that their revised calculation overestimates any potential health risks from these products, and we are encouraged that CDC is seeking a broader review of their conclusions. Lumber Liquidators has significantly strengthened our quality assurance procedures, from enhanced compliance protocols to product sample testing. In early May of 2015, Lumber Liquidators proactively suspended sales of all laminate flooring sourced from China. Additionally, since March of 2015, Lumber Liquidators has offered customers free independent air quality tests to provide objective scientific information about our products. We remain committed to operating with integrity and delivering quality flooring to our customers."

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