Interface Launches Rebranding Initiative

Singapore, June 19, 2006--As a global organization with several product groups and brands, Interface has launched a rebranding initiative to unite all its companies worldwide under one masterbrand--Interface. The company will use "Mission Zero" to describe the brand promise for which the Interface companies have become known over the past 12 years. This new initiative will allow Interface to streamline and develop the power of the Interface brand across different businesses globally. The launch will involve a new graphic identity for the majority of Interface companies. Interface's modular carpet business will also have a new name--Interfaceflor. "Our new branding is designed to help Interface stake its lead in two areas; the modular carpet category as well as in sustainability. We want to further strengthen our position as the regional leaders in modular carpet and sustainability, and we can only do that by clearly communicating who we are, what we do and what we stand for," says Rob Coombs, president, Interface Asia Pacific. "Mission Zero is the message that connects all our products with the brand Interface. It is a new humanization of the company's mission to become sustainable and eliminate its environmental footprint on earth by year 2020. With the brand built on Mission Zero, our customers will be able to make a quicker connection between our products and our sustainability position," reiterates Coombs. The use of Interfaceflor for our core modular carpet business creates an alignment across the globe with the company's commercial and residential business identity united under one brand. "Flor" aptly describes the business Interface is in and, historically, Flor harks back to one of the company's original products, floors. "I think this new initiative will help Interfaceflor stay ahead in many ways, helping our internal focus and external communication," adds Coombs.

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