Industry Vets Open Store in Colorado

Fort Morgan, CO, September 30, 2005--After putting in 19 years of hard work at Specialty Shop Floors in Fort Morgan, Jim and Charlotte Stieb had the intention of quitting the flooring business and searching for something different, according to the Fort Morgan, Colorado Times. But, after the couple's strong customer base and close relationships with employees started to really show, the Stiebs decided it would be the right thing for them to open their own shop under a good franchise, Carpets Plus and Color Tile, located at 216 State St. The Stiebs parted ways with Specialty Shop in June when they were hit with a large customer response. "The client base was tremendous," Charlotte said. "We didn't realize that we offered such a valuable service." Solid owners from the floor up Charlotte and Jim Stieb, who worked at Specialty Shop Floors for the last 19 years, are the new owners of Carpet Plus and Color Tile in Fort Morgan. So, during the six-week notice the Stiebs gave at Specialty Shop, the two gave the impression that they were going to open another store. One of the reasons the Stiebs decided their time was up at Specialty Shop was that "after 19 years, the operation might be going downhill, but the material is going uphill," Jim said. Their partner, Doug Barnett, didn't expect the Stiebs to leave, stated Charlotte, but they thought it was the right time. "We want to preserve our own health and piece of mind," Charlotte said. "We wanted to offer the next level of the flooring business ... With this new franchise, we will be able to reach that next level." Jim said he and his wife decided to stay on with Specialty Shop a little longer than they had originally planned just to put employees where they needed to go and to compensate them and their families so that they may thrive. The two even thought about taking a year off after leaving Specialty, but that didn't happen. Jim said clients encouraged them for "many weeks ... to open up our own shop." The couple soon moved from what was a management company, owned by Barnett and friend of the Stiebs for the last 19 years, to their own retail business in Fort Morgan. Previously, Jim worked in the oil fields while Charlotte was an employee at JC Penney for about five years. Jim had been friends with Barnett and had bought several things from him, like a satellite dish, before Barnett offered him a position to run a small flooring shop, Specialty Shop Floors, in Log Lane Village. What started as a small business for Jim became a big business in Fort Morgan years later. The Steibs feel they were successful in their flooring occupation because they were service-oriented and knew how to run the business. Within the first four months at Specialty, Jim and Charlotte knew the business would take off. "We both came from families who were self-employed," Charlotte said. "It kind of gets in your blood." Carpets Plus and Color Tile is a successful franchise with locations in Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver and, just recently, Fort Morgan. "The company will continue to grow," Jim said. "What we have to offer makes us proud of that growth. By bringing a big corporation to a small town like this, we know the franchise will be there to support us." Carpets Plus is the fastest-growing franchise in the flooring industry, the Stiebs said, and they know that it is a small town-friendly service as well. "When we do business with someone, we will be able to face them in the grocery store," Jim said. "Our connections with people are so valuable, and people get attached to you in a small town." Although Carpets Plus and Color Tile is currently open for business and is showing signs of expansion, the Stiebs plan on getting the rest of their showroom displays, obtain some new products and then have a grand opening sometime soon.

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