FloorScapes Goals: Opening Opportunities

Phoenix, AZ, December 4, 2007--It’s called “Continuous Concept Renewal,” and it’s a core principle behind Mohawk Floorscapes.

Mohawk Floorscapes is rolling out a series of new products and ideas that are designed to boost profitability in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Last year, Mohawk introduced its Ad-Vantage Advertising Center for dealers. This year, Mohawk Ad-Vantage allows dealers to get television commercials (prepared and customized), radio spots, newspaper ads, direct mail, vehicle wraps, in-store graphics, on-hold messages, room scenes, and even tips on how to put ads together all from one source.

Mohawk has also partnered with Banner Advertising, a retail specialist known for its work with Ashley Furniture stores.

Banner will produce a total of six fully integrated sale packages for dealers during 2008, including television, newspaper, circulars, direct mail, radio, in-store signage, and e-mail. The integrated packages will focus on major selling periods and are based on effective, proven themes.

Mohawk will continue its two national aligned dealer promotions each year, the “Bouquet of Beauty” Sale scheduled for this Spring, and “Mohawk Anniversary Month” slated for Fall.

In 2008, Mohawk Floorscapes dealers get more access to Mohawk’s fashion products through additions to the Fashion Statements line. New looks include additions featuring Mohawk’s LCL tri-level technology and other luxury styling. A new information kiosk for Fashion Statements showcases the value and style of the new products.

Mohawk Floorscapes dealers to benefit from Mohawk’s acquisition earlier this year of Columbia Hardwood. With this purchase and strategic partnerships, Mohawk is launching its most aggressive wood flooring product campaign to date. Mohawk Floorscapes dealers get products including:

• Nature’s Eloquence - Domestically produced solid oaks in a variety of colors, grades and edge treatments

• Antique Artisans - 3/8” hand scraped oak species

• Tradition Expressions – 3/8” oaks and domestic exotics featuring Mohawk’s exclusive UniClic Edge, recognized as the most secure, easiest-to-install locking system in the business.

Mohawk Floorscapes laminate sales were up more than 20% in 2007, thanks to an enhanced product line and new merchandising. For 2008, the laminate program will have an even broader reach with a new DIY display center, which provides consumers information on products, installation, and accessories.

There’s also a new display header for dealers who have the laminate display not positioned in an alcove. The new “WoodWorks” header draws attention to the laminate line and the styling that Mohawk offers.

Also, for the first time, Mohawk is adding a modular carpet tile line to its Home and Office Collection for Floorscapes dealers, opening up more commercial opportunities. The new line is PVC free, using extruded thermoplastic instead. It features 35% pre-consumer recycled content, and the tile itself is 100% recyclable without separation. It also features Mohawk’s Encycle backing, which is produced in an ISO_14001-certified and Clean Air Class 1 facility. Mohawk Floorscapes dealers will get 18x18 cards, architect folders and a story board as part of the Home & Office update package.

Mohawk has also partnered with Global FloorCare Solutions to establish Mohawk Authorized Service Centers across the nation, under the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Professional brand. This is the first time Mohawk has allowed use of its brand by independent floor care professionals.

The Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Professional Network will cover the spectrum of professional floor care, including carpet cleaning, hardwood refinishing, tile and grout cleaning, and area rug cleaning.

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