FieldTurf Tarkett Launches Playground Division

Montreal, Ontario, August 7, 2006--FieldTurf Tarkett has announced the launch of FieldTurf Playground, the safest and most technologically advanced playground surfacing product available. FieldTurf Playground uses FieldTurf's exclusive monofilament fibers, which offer unparalleled durability while remaining non-abrasive and smooth to the touch. The system is wheelchair accessible and is custom designed to accommodate all safety recommendations and fall heights required by any type of playground equipment. "We are excited to introduce FieldTurf Playground to the market," said FieldTurf Tarkett CEO John Gilman. "Keeping in line with our dedication to safety and performance with all our sports surfacing products, we have extended this technology to the playground surfacing market. The safety of those who use our product is priority No. 1 at FieldTurf Tarkett." Cities, schools, daycares, and backyard playgrounds nationwide are making the switch from natural grass to synthetic surfacing for their playground needs. FieldTurf Playground requires minimal maintenance and can withstand the heavy use associated with many children playing in a specific area. FieldTurf Tarkett is a result of the amalgamation of FieldTurf and Tarkett Sports. Headquartered in North America, FieldTurf Tarkett is the largest entity in the sports surfacing industry. A division of Tarkett, the worldwide leader in commercial flooring, with US $2 billion in annual sales, FieldTurf Tarkett brings unprecedented financial, technical and manufacturing resources to sports surfacing clients around the globe. With such stability, FieldTurf Tarkett is well equipped to serve the playground market. In addition to playground surfacing, FieldTurf Tarkett provides a comprehensive line that includes world-leading artificial grass systems; basketball, volleyball, and gymnasium flooring; squash and racquetball courts; floor protection and covering systems; weight room flooring; a complete range of tennis and golf surfaces; and indoor and outdoor track systems.

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