Engineered Hardwood Maker is Oswego County's First Start-Up NY Project

Oswego, NY, July 24, 2015—Designer Hardwood Flooring CNY, a new company making engineered hardwood flooring, will be Oswego County, New York’s first Start-Up NY project, according to

Under the Start-Up NY Program, Designer Hardwood will be eligible to operate free of state income and local taxes for ten years.

Designer Hardwood’s flooring will be sold through big-box retailers.

Though a newly formed company, Designer Hardwood has a relationship with Hardwood Transformations Inc., which puts coatings on solid and engineered hardwood flooring and leases the remaining portion of the building where Designer Hardwood will be located.

Companies in the Start-Up NY Program must affiliate with a local college, usually part of the State University of New York system.

In Designer Hardwood's case, it will affiliate with SUNY Oswego. Treadwell said the company will hire SUNY Oswego students as interns to work at the facility.

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