Diversified Flooring Joins StarNet

Darien, CT, May 29, 2007--StarNet has announced the acceptance of Diversified Flooring, Inc. as a new member.  With main headquarters based in Salt Lake City, UT, Diversified Flooring, Inc. actively pursued the opportunity to join StarNet and were able to meet the strict set of criteria necessary to qualify for membership, including a history of good business practice, noteworthy installations, and an unparalleled reputation for professionalism and service within their markets.   Co-owner and President Ken Clifford was pleased with the response he received at this year’s annual meeting, his first as a StarNet member.  Clifford said, “It was extremely beneficial to talk with other members concerned with the same issues as us.  We are mostly looking forward to building strong relationships with   the StarNet vendors and gaining knowledge through relationships with other members to learn how they’re handling with similar issues, such as problems with moisture and concrete, a huge topic of concern for us and many other members currently.”   Since 1991, Clifford and fellow owner, Lee Westover, have developed Diversified Flooring, Inc. into a successful company certified to install all flooring materials with installations in all 50 states.  Always ahead of the technology curve, Diversified Flooring, Inc. has utilized LIFTMAN services for many library lifts, including a recent project for the Montana State University Library.    Through entering StarNet’s membership, Diversified Flooring, Inc. hopes to gain greater national account installations.  “With the help of StarNet we will strive to build relationships with dealers in other areas to better serve our clients,” said Clifford.  They also hope to tackle national flooring issues, such as the scheduling challenges they face with General Contractors.  “With time schedules getting more compressed by builders, general contractor’s continuously want our installers on the job earlier, well before flooring is ready to be properly installed,” says Clifford.  “As a result we are setting these projects up for failure.”  He hopes to confront this and other issues with the help of StarNet to ensure that flooring installation conditions improve on a national level.   Jeanne Matson, president and CEO of StarNet said, “I am delighted to welcome Diversified Flooring, Inc. to StarNet.  I look forward to the benefits that will come to them as a result of being a StarNet member and am also eagerly anticipating the strengths they will bring to our organization as a whole.”   Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Diversified Flooring, Inc. has 17 years of commercial flooring distribution and services experience.

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