Design Ovations - Apr 2017

By Kerri Snook


These days, designers are fortunate to have an abundance of flooring for all project types-from carpets to hard surfaces-that are both stunning and durable, providing more choice and expression than ever before, so it is crucial to stay on top of trends while keeping in mind the history of the building blocks in our design. As design tastes evolve over time with the introduction of new fashions, architecture and interior design, key building blocks-such as pattern, color and form-continue to develop along with the changes in taste and preference.

When selecting one of the most important interior foundations, like flooring, I am often drawn to pattern through monochromatic texture and subtle visuals. I believe that the elements of simplicity allow a design to be compatible with any time period. The effortless beauty of a floor that says everything without being too loud allows any design to stand strong.

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