Design Ovations: Angela Hinton - Jan 2019

By Angela Hinton

As an experienced commercial interior designer specializing in clubhouse design and working directly with end-users, I have come to value the practical appropriateness of a flooring choice well above trend, storyline or concept. My clubhouse-owner clients want maintenance-friendly, value-conscious selections that inspire residents and guests, and I have found that it is truly possible to do it all with apt research and smart sourcing. While I don’t undervalue the importance of trend and story, the project will fall short if designers prioritize those selection factors over the choices that serve the property best when it comes to maintenance, use and durability.

Clubhouses are multi-purpose buildings with varying levels of use in which some areas are louder, higher traffic gathering spaces, and others are quieter work areas or more intimate lounging spaces; the transition between these zones is equally important for continuity and ease of care. I have found reproducible success with happy clients when using these thoughtfully considered materials.

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