Daltile Hosts Statements Program Meetings in Cancun

Dallas, TX, July 26, 2018-Daltile recently hosted a multi-faceted meeting for its Statements Program dealer members at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Mexico. 

This conference is held every other year and is designed to further solidify and increase the value of the partnership between Daltile and its Statements dealers as well as give dealers the chance to get to know each another. 

Statements is an exclusive Daltile program geared to the top dealers throughout the United States. In the Statements Program, Daltile has leveraged the strengths of its sales, marketing, and merchandising departments to deliver business solutions to its members, helping them be more profitable than their nearest competitor.

The conference’s theme was “The Edge Of Next”, signifying excitement about what is coming next and how Daltile’s Statements Program is prepared to take the next step by integrating the dealers’ needs with consumer expectations.

For more information on the Daltile Statements Program, please contact Tony Wright, director of Daltile dealer sales at tony.wright@daltile.com. 

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