CRI Releases Sustainability Report

Dalton, GA, Dec. 22--The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has posted the carpet industry 2002 Sustainability Report on the CRI website. CRI members continue to find new and innovative ways to be environmentally responsible and the Sustainability Report is an industry vehicle to share the good news of the industry's efforts. The 23-page document highlights the carpet industry's efforts in all three arenas of Sustainability's triple bottom-line: Environmental, Social and Economic. The carpet industry has a long-standing commitment and is unified in its belief all three are vital components to a sustainable world. The industry is, and continues to be, one that accepts its responsibility as a corporate citizen willing to actively contribute to a sustainable future. "Ours is a very competitive industry, yet it never cease to amaze me the amount of unity and common ground on which our industry stands when it comes to that journey toward a sustainable world," said Werner Braun, President of CRI. "This is not just an industry making a product, but rather one making a difference. Sustainability has been incorporated across the industry not only as a business strategy, but also as a corporate responsibility," said Braun. The 2002 report includes individual sections on the headway the industry is making in regards to each of the three components. It also includes our Carpet Industry Sustainability Code of Conduct by which our members conduct business as well as best practices incorporated by CRI members in their effort to make a difference. "As chairman of CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), I am well aware of the efforts and the pride our member companies take in finding solutions that work. I know the amount of effort going into finding markets and solutions to recover the value of post-consumer carpet, but again, Sustainability is about much more than recycling. We think our report highlights our member's efforts in all the areas and fully expect they will continue to press onward in the journey towards sustainability," said Frank Hurd, CARE chairman and CRI vice-president.

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