CRI Encourages Members To Debunk Carpet Myths

Dalton, GA, Nov. 20, 2008– The Carpet and Rug Institute’s annual meeting Thursday morning focused largely on “mythbusting,” or encouraging members to correct much of the widespread misinformation about carpet as they market their brands.

Some of those myths include the belief that carpet aggravates allergies and asthma, that carpet is hard to clean and maintain, and that volatile organic compounds from carpet post a health hazard.

Many people also believe that carpet isn’t a sustainable product.

CRI has spent a lot of its time gathering scientific information from various sources that refutes all these points, and it’s available for members to help them market their products. CRI is also now a third party certifying organization,

Although carpet still has roughly 60% of the floorcovering market, less carpet is being sold every month, a trend the association wants to stop. Part of the answer, CRI believes, is to get correct information about carpet into the market.

The association also noted that it is making substantial progress in certifying green cleaning products and getting them accepted in the field. For example, the International Executive Housekeeping Association, and Hilton Hotels are using only products with the CRI Seal of Approval.

Ralph Boe, CEO of Beaulieu of America, and CRI’s incoming chairman, said the industry has to be well positioned to meet the pent up demand when the economy turns, because the floorcovering industry will turn around quickly.

In other business, Jim Bethel, of J&J Industries, was presented with the Joseph J. Smrekar Memorial Award for service to CRI

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