Carpet One Revamps Lees Brand

Manchester, NH, October 10, 2006--Carpet One Floor & Home recently announced plans to update and improve their oldest and most successful carpet brand, LEES For Living, at their summer convention this past August. On October 1, Carpet One Floor & Home stores nationwide revealed all new products in the Lees collection, and the new tagline, “Relax, it’s… Lees,” which highlights the unique stain resistant qualities and extensive warranties of the product. The new Lees products feature extended texture retention and customer satisfaction warranties and four times the stain protection of other carpets, setting the brand apart from other products. Plus, the Lees brand now offers a more emotional connection to consumers. The graphics in the new Lees gallery, along with the new tagline, connect with consumers who are looking for flooring that is attractive and comfortable, but still fits their busy lifestyle. The 22 styles in the new Lees collection feature a unique top-to-bottom stain treatment application and outstanding soil and liquid repellency that make the products perfect for families with kids and pets. Lees also features a 25-year stain protection warranty, serviced by 3M, and a 25-year wear and installation warranty. “Lees is a brand with a lot of heritage and a unique story,” said Charlie Dilks, COO of Carpet One Floor & Home and President of Carpet One Floor & Home Canada. “We’ve already had a very positive reaction from our members about this re-branding effort. They are thrilled with the new Lees products and the outstanding stain resistant qualities that the products offer.” “One of the most impressive aspects of the Lees re-launch is our extensive training program,” continued Carpet One Floor & Home President, Evan Hackel. “We really want to reach our sales professionals and managers face-to-face so that everyone understands the unique qualities of Lees and how to communicate those benefits to their customers. We’re about halfway through our nationwide regional training tour, and we’ve already had over 1,200 people attend our seminars.” Carpet One Floor & Home planned a range of programs and events in conjunction with the Lees re-branding effort, from the extensive training to a new “Relax, it’s…Lees” website. • The Lees Customer Experience: In conjunction with the new Lees products, Carpet One Floor & Home has created a unique shopping gallery that visually reflects the new tagline for the brand: Relax, it’s… Lees. This shop environment, designed by the renowned architectural firm FRCH, features attention-getting graphics with engaging messages to capture both the heritage and promise of Lees and the peace-of-mind it offers to consumers. • Nationwide training: On September 15, 2006, Carpet One University launched a 53-city regional training tour focused on educating sales managers and professionals throughout North America on the new Lees products. Halfway into their 2-month training tour, the University has trained more than 1,200 people. Members and their employees also have 24/7 access to Lees training through the OnLine University. • The Search for the Muddiest Buddy: Carpet One Floor & Home kicked-off a national search for the Muddiest Buddy and the official Lees “spokes-pet” on October 1st. Consumers are invited to submit a photo of their beloved pet at its dirtiest at their local Carpet One Floor & Home store or online at and The winning owner will receive $5,000 worth of Lees carpet and the winning pet will be named the Muddiest Buddy and appear on the cover of Carpet One Floor & Home’s Muddiest Buddy coffee table book, due out in May. Sales from the book will benefit a pet-friendly charity. • Carpet One Floor & Home has launched a new website, dedicated to showcasing the unique qualities of Lees carpet and allowing consumers to view the products.

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