Bridgeway Interactive's Discussion Panels Succ

Sausalito, California, December 22, 2006,--Bridgeway Interactive, (Formerly Bridgeway Media Group), held its sixth Annual National Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco on November 15-16. With the housing market in a downturn, the conference theme was especially timely: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The theme certainly hit a nerve as this was the largest, most-attended conference ever. Participating were 84 senior level builders, contractors and manufacturers from many of America’s largest home building and home products companies. “The primary goal of this year’s conference was to create an environment where builders, contractors and manufacturers could interact, share ideas and learn from each other,” said Jay Flynn, VP of sales and marketing, Bridgeway Interactive. “Based on feedback we received during and after the conference, it was a resounding success.” Two key events captured the attention and imagination of everyone present. The first was the panel discussions entitled “Strategies for Navigating a Changing Marketplace,” and “Challenges of Incorporating Technology into the Home Building Industry.” In these panels, all three channels in the residential builder business segment--builders, contractors and manufacturers--discussed the issues, exchanged ideas, became “personally interactive,” all together, in one room--a rare event today but a process facilitated by Bridgeway Interactive. Said Dennis Webb, VP of operations, Fulton Homes, “The Bridgeway Interactive Conference promoted an atmosphere of sharing ideas for the betterment of everyone’s business.” The conference’s other key event enabled the attendees to learn first hand the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques of the legendary Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Presented by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Training Group, this session detailed invaluable Ritz-Carlton customer best practices and procedures that each attendee could put to work in their own business. Concluded Michael Vogel, president and CEO of Bridgeway Interactive, “The success of the conference was also due to the fact that our members know we are committed to delivering content that supports their business and personal success. With these challenging times in the builder business, it became even more important to do so and with that in mind we were proud to close the event with the Ritz-Carlton presentation. It was a full two days of interactivity, networking and valuable takeaways and the Ritz session did a great job of keeping us all thinking about what we wanted to do with our businesses when we returned to work.”

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