Beaulieu International Intros Luxury Resilient

Dalton, GA, March 2, 2007--Distributors and retailers now have access to Beauflor, a new simplified seamless-installation solution for luxury resilient flooring from Beaulieu International Group.   At 16 feet and four inches wide, Beauflor delivers durable, comfortable, easy-to-clean flooring in dozens of designs and styles created especially for discriminating customers in North America.  Beauflor offers distributors and retailers high profit margins and an extensive Beaulieu sales support program.  The innovative new product debuted at Surfaces 2007.   Beaulieu’s next generation engineered composite flooring was created to provide a quiet, sound-insulating surface that is safer underfoot.  The new composite technology allows Beaulieu to fuse polycarbonate, polymers, textiles and noise reduction technology for high-quality installation and long-lasting results.    Beaulieu has developed a variety of innovative features to ensure proper installation and customer satisfaction.  Some key features include:   Groundbreaking 16’4” width simplifies seamless installation in many applications. “Multi Protect” engineered polymer surface improves abrasion resistance, resists dirt and stains and allows for easy maintenance.   The “Flextreme” interlayer provides increased tear and crease resistance to the flooring to ensure longevity. “Ultragrip” polymer surfaces – enhanced with ceramic particles – improve slip resistance and safety while resisting dirt and stains and providing easy maintenance. Beaulieu invested more than $45 million in its state-of-the-art Beauflor factory in order to fulfill demand globally for its 16’ 4” width product.  The expansive width gives installers the flexibility to create seamless installations for many situations where that is just not possible with a standard 12-foot width product.  The flooring can be installed over wood or concrete with conventional full-spread methods.  Beauflor’s exclusive adhesive and seam bond can be used with the entire product line, which is a great convenience for installers.   Ray Thompson Jr., president of the Thompson Floor Installation Institute in Cle Elum, WA, and author of “Focus on Resilient,” helped to create a unique adhesive and seam bond for Beauflor.  After a year of research and work with adhesive suppliers, the result is an adhesive and seam bond that can be used with all Beauflor products for wood and concrete applications.   Beauflor offers high-profit margins.  Compared to other resilient flooring products, Beauflor offers above-average profit opportunities for distributors and retailers.  Distributors and resellers can earn between 40 percent to 53 percent margin for rolled stock and cut orders, respectively.  Extensive retail sales and merchandising support will include literature, samples, a retail display, website, training, installation, warranties and care instructions.  Plus, the Beauflor product is eligible for a Beauflor rewards program.    “Beauflor represents a unique profit opportunity for distributors and retailers,” says Jim Catan, Vice President of Sales Beauflor U.S. and Canada.  “Because every design and style was created especially for North America, customer preference will help drive sales for our distributor and retailer partners.  With the comfort of carpet, slip resistance, stain resistance and long-term durability, it’s likely to beat out other flooring categories with its natural look and feel.”   Flooring industry veteran Russ Russell, president of the Lancaster, Pa.-based Wynne Partners, LLC, worked with Beaulieu over the past two years to ensure that Beauflor would satisfy distributors, retailers and consumers.  “What the flooring world did not need was another vinyl floor or another laminate floor,” Russell says.  “Retailers said that they needed innovation in performance, real consumer benefits and simplified installation to avoid callbacks.”   In addition to solid profit margins, Beaulieu’s Central Distribution Center allows the company to cut and ship product to fulfill customer orders quickly.    Beauflor was designed especially for the North American market by Geert Gobyn, a leading European designer employed exclusively by Beaulieu.  After extensive research of customer tastes and preferences throughout every region of the United States, Gobyn created “timeless” designs and color choices to meet the expectations of every customer.  Beauflor designs offer “Natural Look” appearance with the authentic tones of wood or stone.  Natural Look combines Beauflor advanced-printing techniques with a unique combination of thermal and mechanical embossing.  The realistic appearance enhances the beauty of the floor and makes the product much more appealing to consumers.   Beauflor flooring will be offered in three distinct product lines: Sirocco Collection – The best quality, high-performance option is available in 22 beautifully crafted designs offered in Beaulieu’s extra wide size. Oceana Collection – Designed for comfort, this option combines tranquility and durability in 11 designs in Beaulieu’s extra-wide size. Mistral Collection – When choice and affordability are required, this option provides innovative Beauflor features in a 13’2” width size, featuring 10 attractive designs that are particularly suited for new construction, apartments and condominiums.           For do-it-yourself applications, Beaulieu will also introduce the City Collection.  Natural Look designs will be available in a 12-foot width size.  Noise reduction and easy maintenance will attract customers to this line.   Beaulieu International Group is a leading manufacturer of flooring products worldwide.  Founded in 1959, the company is headquartered in Wielsbeke, Belgium, and employs more than 7,000 individuals worldwide.  The company has made a substantial commitment to create manufacturing capacity and an extensive product delivery system to ensure that distributors and retailers promptly receive products.  With sales exceeding $1.8 billion internationally, the company includes Alloc Laminate, Berry Floor Laminate, Beaulieu Carpets, Woven Rugs, Beauflor, Real Needled Carpets and Associated Weavers.

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