Beaulieu Canada to Produce Laminate & Wood

Waregem, Belgium, February 16, 2006--Beaulieu Canada has decided to start production and sales of laminate and wood flooring, utilizing the Välinge Innovation technology for gluefree installation systems. Beaulieu Canada will use its rights to produce and sell gluefree laminate and wooden flooring under the basic license that the Beaulieu International Group signed back in 2000 (through Berry Finance NV) with Välinge Innovation AB. At the same time, Beaulieu Canada will enter into a distribution agreement for the distribution in Canada and a part of the USA (New England) of laminate flooring produced by Berry Floor NV, with headquarters in Menen, Belgium, member of the Beaulieu International Group since July 2005. The Beaulieu International Group and Beaulieu Canada are very pleased to announce this new cooperation.

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