Beaulieu Announces Beau-Tech Installer Certificati

Dalton, GA, February 7, 2006--Beaulieu of America today announced the creation of Beau-Tech, its new installer certification program that takes the company’s commitment to providing the best education and training of carpet professionals to a new level. “Our industry is acutely aware of the high percentage of claims that can be traced back to installation missteps. We believe the way to bring that percentage down is to arm carpet installers with the best education and training,” said Ralph Boe, President of Beaulieu of America. “We are proud to present Beau-Tech--the most thorough installer training program we have ever developed--to empower carpet professionals to do their best work with knowledge, confidence and accuracy.” Beaulieu will welcome carpet professionals to its Chatsworth, GA, facility for Beau-Tech sessions, and also will take the certification program on the road throughout 2006. Sessions held at Chatsworth will be three days long. At each Beau-Tech event, experts from Beaulieu will train carpet professionals in accordance with Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) standards for residential (CR 105) and commercial (CR 104) installation. Beau-Tech will include in-depth study and review of a detailed reference manual, complete mill tours (for Chatsworth sessions)--from yarn extrusion to applying the secondary backing--and hands-on installation instruction that covers floor preparation and installation in challenging areas including stairs. The cost is $395 per person for each Beau-Tech session. Professionals who complete the program will receive official certification credentials. They also will be added to Beaulieu’s nationwide database of certified installers, which dealers will use when seeking certified installers in a specific geographic location. Beaulieu will require installers to take a refresher course every four years to remain certified. The first Beau-Tech session will be held at Beaulieu’s facility in Chatsworth, GA, from February 21-23. Other scheduled dates and locations include: • March 28-30 in Chatsworth, GA • April 18-20 in Chatsworth, GA • May 9-10 in Chicago, IL • June 13-15 in Chatsworth, GA • July 18-20 in Chatsworth, GA • August 22-23 in La Mirada, CA • September 26-28 in Chatsworth, GA • October 24-25 in Edison, NJ • November 7-9 in Chatsworth, GA • December 5-7 in Chatsworth, GA Additional dates and locations will be added to the schedule throughout the year. “We’re eager to share our knowledge with our installer base,” Boe said. “Learning more about the products, and best practices for installation, is a win for everyone involved. When customers are satisfied with their carpet and its installation, fewer claims arise, which means more profitability for retailers.” Beaulieu invites interested retailers to request that certification programs be conducted in their regions. Carpet professionals interested in more information may email or visit and click on the “Ask Us” link, and select Susan Davis, Assistant Field Technical Manager for Beaulieu.

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