Beaulieu America Announces Restructuring of Operations

Dalton, GA, May 2, 2016—Beaulieu America has announced that it is restructuring several of its operations and corporate functions, which will result in position eliminations of approximately 6% to 8% of Beaulieu America’s workforce over the next four months.

The actions are expected to improve efficiencies across the company’s various product lines and enable the organization to take advantage of existing and future growth opportunities in the flooring industry.

Beaulieu America, which was started in 1978 and has grown to more than 4,000 employees, is a family-owned business that operates as an international manufacturer and supplier of flooring products across a number of different product categories, including carpet, vinyl, laminates, and engineered hardwood.

While its operations and product lines have continued to expand, changing fashion trends and consumer choice in the industry have presented Beaulieu America with the need to make adjustments in how it operates.

Beaulieu America’s board of directors and management team have determined that this is a critical time to make certain changes to the company’s operations and corporate functions to strengthen its footprint in the flooring industry.

This announcement is seen as a necessary step in assuring Beaulieu America has the right structure in place to capitalize on opportunities for growth and ensure future success.

Beaulieu America’s board of directors and management team have acknowledged the difficulty behind this decision, and recognize the impact to employees. Affected employees will receive assistance to thank them for their contributions to Beaulieu America and to help with their transition.

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