Armstrong Calls for Installer Certification

Lancaster, PA, May 31, 2006--In an industry crowded with flooring options but lacking in trained installers, Armstrong Floor Products issues a call to experienced flooring installers to achieve recognition and professional benefits as an Armstrong Certified Installer. Over 6,000 installers to date have gained the advantage of Armstrong’s Certified Installer Program (A.C.I.P). Educated installers and live phone and Web technical support lead to fewer claims--.004%. An easy-to-spot check-mark A.C.I.P. logo decal, preferential customer service and referrals all make it easy for consumers to find a retailer that will get the job done right the first time. The competitive advantage of core competency also has resulted in virtually no service call back claims in six years, and the program continues to grow. Sponsoring retailers/contractors using Armstrong Certified Installers receive exclusive benefits that help to make them more competitive in the marketplace: • Web Site Recognition: Listed on as a retailer using Armstrong Certified Installers. Armstrong recommends a consumer to a retailer in North America every two minutes. • Helps Reduce Claims: By enhancing installer's knowledge and skills, providing technical support for installing Armstrong brand flooring. In six years with 6,000+ installers, only .004% claims. • Financial Benefits To Enhance The Installation Warranty: Financial incentives make it worth the installer's effort to complete the training, use correct techniques on the job, and even stop a job if materials are defective or would preclude a good installation. Armstrong boasts over 80 years of quality instruction, knowledgeable teaching staff and continued leadership in development of new installation methods and procedures across flooring categories. This certification is not a rubber stamp. Trained Installation Specialists instruct all courses. Participants are tested in proper installation materials and techniques. Installers who score 80 or more points in each hands-on and written section of the test are awarded Armstrong certification. Successful participants receive backing from Armstrong as well as the potential of increased store traffic and consumer satisfaction. To help ensure consumer confidence, installers certified by Armstrong receive up to $1,000 in material cost for Armstrong branded residential sheet flooring, laminates and installation products, and $2,500 in material cost for Armstrong branded hardwood, linoleum and commercial sheet flooring and installation products to correct workmanship error. [This benefit does not cover errors in sub floor preparation problems due to moisture and alkali, and, the Armstrong certified installer and/or participating retailer are required to provide the labor to replace the flooring.] In addition, Armstrong will pay its certified installers $125.00 not to install obviously defective resilient material, either by manipulating the sheet to cut defects out or by stopping the job to get additional materials. “Being supported by this kind of program means that both our retailers and installers can benefit from having the utmost confidence and professionalism in selling and installing our product. This, of course, has a very positive effect on the consumer’s experience as well,” says Scott F. Wise, manager, Installation & Technical Services, Armstrong Floor Products. In order to enter the Armstrong Certified Installer Program, an installer must be sponsored by an independent flooring retailer or by a member of the Armstrong Installation Training Network (A.I.T.N.). The Armstrong program, available at Armstrong in Lancaster, PA and at locations throughout North America tests installers in the traditional methods of layout and fitting, seam cutting procedures and board replacement for wood & laminates.

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