Americhem Restructures Manufacturing Assets

Cuyahoga Falls, OH, October 26, 2007-- Americhem, a supplier of color and additive solutions for polymer-based products, has announced several moves in its on-going manufacturing restructuring process.


The company will expand its manufacturing plants in Concord, North Carolina and Mansfield, Texas while phasing out operations at its Salisbury, Maryland plant.


"The expansions offer strategic advantages in overhead, cost structure and location," said Bob Tebbutt, executive vice president of global manufacturing for Americhem.


Closely following the recent expansion of its Dalton, Georgia facility, the company plans to add new manufacturing lines in the North Carolina and Texas plants. This will increase production of color and additive masterbatches by 10-20% at both facilities.


"Growth at these locations will help us better address the evolving needs of our clients, particularly those in the fibers and building products industries," said Dave Bouton, Americhem's commercial vice president.


The North Carolina facility focuses on masterbatches for synthetic fibers while the Texas plant primarily manufactures products used in the building trade.


Americhem completed the expansion of its Dalton, Georgia facility earlier this year, adding more than 15,000 square feet.


The closure of the Maryland plant is expected to be complete by April 2008


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