Americhem Adds BCF Lines at North Carolina Plant


Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Dec. 8, 2010 – Americhem, which provides colors and additives for synthetic fibers, recently added three compounding lines at its Concord, North Carolina facility, responding to the demand for polyester bulk continuous filament.

This is Americhem’s second capacity expansion in the past three years at the North Carolina plant.

“With the floor coverings market increasingly shifting to the use of PET BCF fibers over staple and polyolefin-based fibers, Americhem can help our customers grow and gain the competitive edge,” said Jim Cook, Americhem’s plant manager in Concord.

Two of the new lines are designed to provide consistent products in large lot sizes for the polyester floor covering industry, while the third line is designed to handle the textile industry’s critical specifications and small lot sizes.

Also, Americhem said it added new technologies in the pre- and post-extrusion processes to provide optimal product consistency. 



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