American Olean Building Turn-Key Stores for Distributors

Dallas, TX, April 3, 2018-American Olean is making it easier for its distributors to expand into new territories through convenient turn-key stores built by the company.

According to the company, these turn-key facilities are part of a value-added service where American Olean executes all of the up-front financing and legwork to site survey, manage construction, and build-out the interior of a new store that will feature American Olean as its anchor brand. American Olean then hands the keys over to its distributor once the doors are ready to open for business.

The American Olean turn-key showroom is designed to offer a complete American Olean shopping experience. Displays in each store showcase the entire American Olean product line. In addition, the overall layout of each store incorporates today’s most studied principles on how consumers shop and what overall shopping experience most effectively guides consumers through the consideration and selection process.

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