AIA, Hanley Wood Agree on Media Partnership

Washington, D.C. – May 11, 2010─ The American Institute of Architects reached agreement on a five-year integrated media partnership with Hanley Wood, LLC that is designed to increase the value of AIA membership as well as expand the reach and impact of member knowledge and expertise.

The AIA / Hanley Wood agreement, called "unprecedented in its proposed use of digital media," integrates AIA member knowledge and thought leadership through Hanley Wood magazines, websites, events, the AIA Annual Convention, joint research initiatives, and support for AIA chapters.

The agreement, effective Jan. 1, creates an integrated media offering that encompasses print, online, the AIA convention, and digital platforms to serve the AIA in achieving its goals to meet the professional development and communication needs of its members.

“This is an innovative agreement that was drafted with AIA members foremost in our minds,” said AIA President George H. Miller.

Under the new partnership agreement, AIA members will receive four Hanley Wood publications as a benefit of membership. Hanley Wood’s Architect becomes the official magazine of the AIA. It will feature exclusive coverage of all AIA programs, and initiatives, including AIA Knowledge Communities, State and Local AIA Chapter activities, and efforts that involve individual members, with an increased focus on three primary areas-design, business, and technology. The magazine will showcase design and design excellence.

Members will also receive digital editions of Hanley Wood titles, including full access to their respective web sites. Each of these magazines will provide AIA members with the information through news, case studies, and research on essential sustainability practices and products as well as a niche focus on residential design, important to a large number of AIA members.

Other aspects of the agreement deal specifically with planning and operations related to the annual AIA Convention and Design Exposition, including how Hanley Wood will build on the existing successful model for AIA Convention by leveraging their long-time expertise in the design and construction industry, use of digital and online resources to improve the attendee and exhibitor experience, and purchasing power with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

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