AIA Announces Scholarship Award

Washington, DC, April 30, 2007--The American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Associates Committee (NAC) said that Catherine Grace Rumbley, Assoc. AIA, and Emmanuel Ramirez Quiñones, Assoc. AIA, have been selected to receive the second annual Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship.


The recipients of the scholarship were chosen by a jury composed of AIA members and component representatives representing various stages of professional development. The recipients will be honored at the AIA National Convention and Design Expo in San Antonio, May 3, 2007, at the NAC Reception. Both recipients will receive over $1000 to cover the current cost of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and a full set of study guides from Kaplan AEC Education.


The jury commented on these candidates’ extraordinary commitment to community and professional service which stood out above all others. The jury recognized Grace’s contribution to her community beyond the profession. In particular, Helen Risom Belluschi, Assoc. AIA, juror representing the NAC alumni, noted, “Her contribution was exceptional, working on rebuilding homes in New Orleans not as a career enhancement, but as a personal contribution of her time, energy and expertise.”


The jury recognized Emmanuel’s passion for pursuing his license to increase his impact on his community. Kristine Royal, AIA, juror and 2007 vice chair of the national young architects forum advisory committee, stated, “His contributions to Casa San Gerardo are exceptional and his ability to support them will only increase by becoming a licensed architect.”


Overall, the jury commented on the outstanding quality of all of the applications. As the scholarship corpus grows from contributions from the professional community, the opportunity to award more scholarships to deserving candidates will be expanded.


Clayton Cole, AIA, juror and co-worker of the late Jason Pettigrew noted, “Jason was inspired by the environment and his open deep sense of spirituality. These two candidates have found unique passions which inspire them to give personally of themselves for the good of others, a quality that Jason would hold in high esteem.”


Jason Pettigrew, Assoc. AIA served on the inaugural National Associate Committee. During his two-year term as the Western Mountain Regional Associate Director, Jason also served on the NAC Executive Committee as the Mainstream Director championing issues of internship and licensure. Jason dedicated much of his time with the AIA towards the development and growth of others and a commitment to community service. He touched the lives of everyone around him through his selfless service which included not only leadership roles locally, and with AIA Colorado, but through his national service as well. His significant contributions also include serving multiple years as Representative to the IDP Coordinating Committee and involvement in the development of the Emerging Professional’s Companion released in 2004.


Formed in October 2000, the NAC was an evolution of the Intern/Associate Committee, originally formed in 1993. Today, the NAC represents the body of Regional Associates Directors (RAD), one from each of the 18 AIA regions. The NAC is charged with representing associates, both mainstream and alternative, and providing information and leadership to every regional, state and local component. At the center of the NAC’s mission is the desire to bring together the growing community of associate AIA members into a strong voice within the Institute.

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