2016 Young Leaders: Flooring Dealer Edition - Feb 2016

The viability of an industry isn’t as much about what’s happening today as how well it has prepared for tomorrow. And in no aspect of business is this more critical than with leadership. Sure, change is tough, but cultivating new leaders and believing in their ability to see the business through fresh eyes is key to keeping a business, and ultimately an industry, moving forward.

In the flooring dealer world, we often see generational leaders, the sons and daughters who get their hands dirty, working through the job descriptions and emerging with a depth of understanding that only full immersion in a business can bring. In other cases, leaders emerge from the ranks of sales staff, installation, marketing or other departments with just the right mix of skills and outlook. Either way, the floorcovering industry can rest assured that, with individuals like those featured here stepping up, the future of floorcovering is in safe hands.

This year’s winners were chosen by industry veterans Ralph Boe and Paul Friederichsen. 
Congratulations to our 2016 Young Leaders. 

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