Worldwide Laminate Sales Flat According to EPLF

Bielefeld, Germany, July 22, 2013—The European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) said worldwide first quarter 2013 sales of laminate flooring were flat compared to the first quarter of 2012. EPLF noted that sales increased in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe but were flat in Western Europe due to economic conditions in that area.

Between 2007 and 2012, EPFL said global laminate flooring sales increased 1.5% overall, though declining by 4.4% in Europe. In 2012 about 45% of the laminate flooring sold was 7.5mm thick or less, another 45% was 10mm or thicker and the remainder was 8mm to 9mm thick.

At its recent annual meeting, held near Salzburg, Germany, the EPFL voted to develop a new quality campaign in Russia to thwart inroads by lower-priced Chinese imports. According to the EPFL, "There is a risk that these products will damage the reputation of laminate flooring amongst Russian customers."