Wood Flooring Sales Decline in Europe

Brussels, Belgium, March 28, 2014 -- After a year in which overall European wood flooring consumption fell by 5.9%, first estimates suggest the market contracted another 5% in 2013, the Lesprom Network said, citing the European Federation of the Parquet Industry.

As in previous years, the results show some variation between European countries and from quarter to quarter.

However, countries where sales were higher also lost momentum in 2013.

Markets in the south of the EU (e.g. Spain, Italy, and France) still face serious difficulties and probably experienced double digit decline in 2013, Lesprom said.
The situation is better in northern Europe, but probably no better than flat.

Central Europe, particularly Switzerland, is likely the only area of growth, with expected sales increase of 6% in 2013.

Factors affecting sales, Lesprom said, include stiff competition, high unemployment rates in some regions and uncertain exchange rates.