UK Flooring Contractors Can Have More Influence

Bramhall, UK: March 20, 2013 -- Flooring contractors have an important influence in the market where floorcoverings are not specified in nearly half of all contract situations, according to research presented at a Carpet Recycling UK seminar, according to a story at

Palmer Market Research said that that only 56% of carpet and 55% of resilient floorcoverings are specified, and flooring contractors provide significant input in the selection process where there is no specification. The firm said these contractors need to be more involved.

According to the research, environmental issues appear to be becoming more important. Specifiers noted that in an around 40% of projects, environmental issues were of either the most or second most important consideration, up from 22% two years ago.

The 2012 study also showed that 85% of all specifiers use flooring contractors as a source of information when choosing a floorcovering.