Training Top 125 List Includes Flooring Firms

Washington, DC, Feb. 5, 2014 -- Training Magazine has named three flooring companies to its top 125 list for 2014.

Mohawk Industries checked in at number 5, Shaw Industries was number 29, and Tandus Centiva was number 56.

All three companies moved up from their 2013 rankings. Last year Mohawk was number eight, Shaw was number 69, and Tandus Centiva was number 79.

Top company in the survey was Jiffy Lube.

According to the magazine, each Top 125 company was measured on quantitative (70% of total score) and qualitative (30% of total score) data.

Factors influencing the rankings include: Training tied to business objectives,
results, number of trainers, employee turnover and retention, leadership development, tuition assistance, training technology and infrastructure, certification, training budget and percentage of payroll.