Start-Up Carpet Recycling Operation to Launch in CA in Early '18

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, September 12, 2017-XT Green, a start-up company, is planning to open a 126,000 square-foot carpet recycling plant that will process post-consumer carpet from the state of California including commercial broadloom carpet, reports the Daily Bulletin.

XT Green will use a patented technology to recycle carpets, said company vice president Gail Brice, and the primary products produced by XT Green will be nylon and polypropylene pellets that will save 13.2 million gallons of oil annually and provide a greenhouse gas emission reduction benefit equivalent to planting 3.5 million trees.

Calcium carbonate from the carpet backing also will be recovered and sold.

“Brice said the technology developed by the XT Green team will result in higher-quality recycled products from residential carpet but also provide the unique ability to recycle commercial broadloom carpeting,” the publication reports.

The operation is expected to open in early 2018.