QEP Acquires AC Products & Southern Cross Building Products

Boca Raton, FL, April 19, 2017—Q.E.P. Co. has announced the acquisition of two companies: AC Products Co. and Southern Cross Building Products.  

Q.E.O. has completed the acquisition of AC Products Co. of Apple Creek, Ohio, a manufacturer of ceramic bathroom accessories.

AC Products is an American manufacturer creating handcrafted bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, shower shelves, towel bars and other related items. Computer controlled color matching ensures precision and allows the company to offer pieces matched to the colors offered by many tile manufacturers. In addition, versatile mountings are designed for varying installation methods always with the end user in mind.

The company also acquired the assets of Southern Cross Building Products, Inc. Southern Cross is a distributor of flooring accessories, tile and other items related to the flooring industry.

Southern Cross brings an important addition to the QEP lineup of products in X-Treme Board, an environmental alternative and upgrade to replace gypsum drywall and cement backer boards for walls, floors and counter tops. X-Treme Board is a magnesium oxide board made of proprietary and patent pending technology. Another important addition is a collection of stone products, ranging from floor and wall tiles to decorative borders and medallions.