Police Looking for Stolen SmartStrand Rhino

St. Peters, MO, Sept. 27, 2012 -- A 12-foot tall inflatable rhino promoting Mohawk's Smartstrand carpet at Michael's Flooring Outlets was stolen last Friday.

Police say the rhino was set up along Interstate 70 on Thursday but by Friday night was missing.
“We talked about it when the rhino came and decided nobody’s going to steal a 25-foot rhino that’s 12-foot tall,” employee Brian Amon told KMOVZ.com.

The rhino costs $3,500 and the flooring store owners are concerned the rhino’s owners will want $3,500 if it’s not returned.

The only evidence at the site were a couple empty bud light cans and a beer koozie with the name “Shaggy’s” in Biloxi Beach, KMOV reported.