Perfect Timing for New Chocolate Flooring

Vancouver, BC, April 1, 2014 -- For a limited time, BuildDirect says it is offering real chocolate plank flooring.

Available April 1, the BuildDirect Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection is a revolution in modern floors where you can literally taste the quality, the company said on its website.

"This tasty line of products represents true industry innovation. We’re offering samples of our newest line of actual, bona fide chocolate floors that not only complement your surrounding décor, but also make for a comforting (literal!) flavor and texture all on its own."

The BuildDirect Chocolate Sensation Handscraped Classic Collection offers:

Richly colored and aromatic chocolate floors designed for appreciators of interior style, and high-quality confectionary;

Lovingly hand-poured premium quality cocoa-based handscraped planks;

A variety of colors to appeal to the designer’s eye, and the chocolate lover’s taste buds; milk, white, and dark;

Revolutionary surfaces that will add a built-in conversation piece to your property.

The website has a video describing how the product was designed and created.