Momentive Chemicals To Market Wood Product

Columbus, OH, Oct. 31, 2013 -- Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. said it has signed a licensing agreement with Fibre7 Limited, based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, to produce and market resin modified wood in North America using Fibre7’s patented impregnation process.

Fibre7 manufactures Lignia and Lignia XD modified wood from plantation-grown, New Zealand radiata pine. Both wood products utilize resins supplied by Momentive and are used in interior applications such as flooring, furniture and worktops (Lignia) and exterior applications such as decking, windows and doors (Lignia XD).

“Fibre7 is the first and only company to currently have a modified timber offering for internal and external use, which enables customers to match the color and durability characteristics throughout a project,” says Christopher Lusty, Chairman, Fibre7.

“Wood dyes can be blended during the impregnation process to create unique color options in the wood for both internal and external applications.”