Mohawk Invests for Improved PET Products

Dalton, GA, Sept. 23, 2013 -- Mohawk said it has invested $180 million, and created 500 new jobs in North Georgia, to develop the patent-pending Continuum Process.

The process is an endeavor to build a better P.E.T. carpet product, an improved process, a more sustainable platform and, most importantly, create a more satisfied customer, Mohawk said.

Mohawk said that most of the innovation in the $1.5 billion P.E.T industry has been focused on cost cutting rather than product improvment.

The Continuum Process provides a cleaner process and a cleaner product, Mohawk said.

Raw material, with a higher molecular weight, is put through a multi-step purification process, which results in a product that will resist soil build-up and withstand traffic better than competing P.E.T. products, Mohawk said.

The purification process reduces 95 percent of lubricants on the fiber, Mohawk said, resulting in better resistance to dirt, grime and contaminants that cause other P.E.T. carpets to become dingy and wear prematurely.

The products also feature up to 50% recycled content.