Mannington's Purple Martin Project Grows

Salem, NJ, Aug. 23, 2012 -– In the mid-1980’s, Mannington began an effort to attract the insect-eating birds called Purple Martins to its Salem site as a way to reduce the insect population.

Not only were mosquitoes and other insects a nuisance to employees, but they were attracted to some of the product components used in the manufacturing of flooring and could become lodged in the wet processes coming off the production lines.

That could compromise product quality, the company said.

In 2001, there were 42 nests, 132 eggs and 103 youngsters at the site. With help from employees, the number have grown to 96 nests, 429 eggs, 383 youngsters.

That, Mannington said, makes it one of the largest concentrations of Purple Martins in the state.

And the birds have achieved the company's goal of substantially reducing the insect population.