Mannington Moving LVT Production to U.S.

Calhoun, GA, April 1, 2013 -- Mannington is bringing the manufacturing of LVT back to the U.S. from China.

The firm, which purchased resilient firm Amtico last year, is taking advantage of Amtico's facilities in Conyers and Madison, Georgia.

Since the acquisition, Mannington has been moving more LVT production to the U.S.  Historically, in China low production costs have given Chinese firms an advantage in product manufacturing.

However, due to Mannington's commitment to domestic manufacturing, combined with major improvements to efficiency and significant investments in technology to become more efficient, the company is able to produce LVT domestically without a significant price increase.

The result also means a seven day turnaround for products once they're ordered, as opposed to a seventeen week turnaround for products made in China.