IVC US Promotes Murfin to Co-CEO

Dalton, GA, Dec. 18, 2012 -- Sheet vinyl firm IVC US has promoted president Paul Murfin to co-CEO, effective immediately.

Murfin will share responsibilities with Xavier Steyaert, who has acted as CEO of IVC US for almost eight years.

Murfin will mainly focus on growing IVC’s market presence in North America, while Steyaert will oversee the operational, financial and industrial development of IVC’s North American activities.

The company said that both CEOs have acquired shares of IVC US, the majority being held by its parent company, the IVC Group from Belgium.

“As IVC increases its North American footprint, we have seen the benefit of adding local expertise to the company,” said Jan Vergote, IVC’s Group CEO.

Murfin joined IVC US in September 2011.