Crossville To Offer TOTO's Hydrotect

Crossville, Tennessee, May 1, 2013—Crossville will introduce Hydrotect as an optional treatment for most of its porcelain tile collections beginning in June 2013.

Hydrotect, a coating applied to tile during a second firing, is a treatment comprised of a triple silver-copper-titanium dioxide mixture.

With its hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties, Hydrotect effectively kills odor-causing bacteria, significantly reduces dirt and oil accumulation, and rids the air of odors and nitrous oxide.

Because Hydrotect is fired on to the tile separately from the glaze, it will not wash or wear off over time. It is not visible and, thus, does not alter the appearance of the tile.

Hydrotect nanotechnology was developed by the TOTO Corporation to improve the healthful properties of man-made surfaces by replicating the way by which plants harness light for photosynthesis to improve the healthful properties of man-made surfaces.


Crossville has entered a partnership with TOTO to attain this technology for its tile lines.