CARE Seeking Markets for Recycled PET

Dalton, GA, June 4, 2013 -- Carpet America Recovery Effort is looking for someone to lead the development of sustainable commercial solutions for recycling post-consumer polyester carpet.

The goals of this project are to understand the North American PET polymer supply chain, develop high value recycle products and processes, and identify meaningful products and substantial market outlets for the material.

CARE said that one of the major issues surrounding carpet recycling is that the industry has been geared toward nylon, although polypropylene is also being recycled as well.

Unlike nylon, there is no readily established high value market for recycled polyester

Six years ago, PET fiber accounted for 4% of the post consumer waste stream and today it has grown to 30%.

"If no solution is found, close to half of all collected post consumer carpet will find its way back into landfills at unsustainable costs to recyclers," CARE said.

CARE is looking for someone to work on this problem for one year beginning in August.