Beaulieu Moves Toward Landfill-Free Status

Dalton, GA, Jan. 6, 2014 -- In its ongoing effort to reach a “landfill-free” status by the end of 2015, Beaulieu America said it has achieved a 30% waste reduction across all 22 of its facilities after six months, according to Beth Randolph, director of risk management, who is heading up the program.
“Floor sweeps and other process waste are either reused in production or transferred to someone else who recycles it,” Randolph said.
Randolph, a 14-year associate at Beaulieu, and her team regularly promote the effort company-wide and visit with teams tasked with reducing waste at each of the company’s facilities.

“We’ve seen some of our plants score as high as 69% in waste reduction,” she said.

Beaulieu’s waste reduction program is a “home grown” effort from within the company and is not without a bit of creativity, Randolph said.

“The distinctive system of receptacles we use at each facility are actually the reuse of containers from retired spinning mills that we had by the thousands.”