Arthur Dodge Jr. Dies at Home April 18

Lancaster, PA, April 22, 2013 -- Arthur Byron Dodge Jr. died at the age of 89 on Thursday, April 18 at his home.

Arthur joined Dodge Cork Company in 1948, eventually succeeding his father and brother Richard as chairman and president.

In 1989, Dodge Cork formed a joint venture to become Dodge-Regupol, which Arthur continued to lead as chairman until his retirement in 2007.

Today, Dodge-Regupol is known as Ecore International, North America's largest manufacturer of recycled rubber products.

During World War II, Arthur led the first American troops to enter Rome during the war and received a Papal audience. During the 18 month Italian campaign, Arthur received numerous decorations including two Battlefield Commissions to the rank of Captain, two purple hearts, two bronze stars, one with clusters and a distinguished service medal. He was also nominated for the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor but did not receive it.