ITC Cracks Down on Imported Laminate Flooring

Dallas, TX, Sept. 19, 2014 -- Seizure and forfeiture orders were issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission against multiple California companies attempting to import laminate flooring that infringes on Unilin’s glueless locking patents, according to a company press release.

Unilin said the offending companies were first warned of Unilin’s general exclusion order prohibiting the import of infringing laminate flooring.

However, they apparently ignored the warnings, which resulted in the ITC action.

Unilin said that in March, it filed several patent infringement suits in federal district court in California in an attempt to collect money owed to Unilin for past infringement.
Unilin has a holographic label program that requires Chinese licensees of Unilin and Välinge to attach a unique holographic label to each box of licensed product.

The label allows Unilin and customs to easily identify unlicensed products.

Unilin said companies have also tried to use counterfeit labels, which also infringe un Unlin's trademarks and copyrights, according to Unilin's legal counsel.

Unilin said the California companies caught attempting to import infringing products include All American Hardwood of Ontario, Hawk Wood Flooring of Walnut, S&S Hardwood Floor Supply of Gardena of Los Angeles, Woody & Lamy Floor of Santa Fe Springs, Home Floor of Temple City, Harmanto DBA Maximus Flooring, of San Marino, Lucky Step of City of Industry, Linco Enterprises of Ontario, Overseas Chinese Cultural Association of Temple City, Topstar Flooring of Rosemead, Smartwood Flooring of City of Industry, and Christina & Son Inc. DBA KC Industries of San Marino.